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candle made entirely out of an orange and recycled oil

because why not.

Black chandelier pen and ink drawing

This is my wonderful friend artist and everyone should TOTALLY follow her.
Am I Lorde yet? 
Someone purrtied a little too hard.
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Help is needed!
Faith Hope and Love Inc. is an animal rescue that had recently opened in Titusville, Florida. They have several lovely dogs and cats up for adoption. I myself have met most of these animals, and was amazed at how very friendly and loving they all are (both the cats and the dogs). The two who own the rescue are wonderful, helpful people who are doing all they can to help these animals find great homes. In the past they have found homes for over 400 animals.
Lately they’ve been having real trouble keeping the rescue alive. They couldn’t get a grant to help them pay rent, and now are being threatened with eviction. If this happens, more than likely all of these wonderful animals will be thrown away at the pound to be put down.
Please help us keep us keep them alive by donating!
By a t-shirt at
Or donate at there facebook (their paypal can be found in the About panel)
If you can’t donate, please signal boost this!